Some Commonly Asked Questions To Which I Can Provide Answers


Over the years I have noticed that some questions are asked more often than others.  Below I have listed some of the more common ones.   If you have wanted to know the answers to these questions or many others, I can provide direction in a complimentary one on one meeting.  There is no cost or obligation so please take a moment to call to schedule a time to become informed or fill out the form on my site.

What is the difference between a Roth IRA and a Traditional IRA?

I am retired and scared of the market.  What should I do?

How do I know if I am saving enough for retirement?

Should I put money in my 401(k) or in my own retirement account?

How much does college cost now?

How much money should I have set aside for emergencies?

What does a  financial plan provide?

How do I know what choices to pick in my retirement plan at work?

How often should I rebalance my portfolio?

What's the cost of long-term care?

Do I need to worry about disability?  After all, what is the likelihood of not being able to work for a period of time?

If something were to happen to me, would the people who depend on me be okay financially?


For those of you Doing it Yourself. I have a quick 10 minute video on how to DIY Risks. These are the types of ways I stand out as a Financial Planner/Investment Advisor Representative.