Why Lovie Wealth Management?

"Why should you choose our firm?" you ask.

We start with the basics.  We ask questions and encourage you to do the same.  We believe through a thorough understanding of each other, we will start the beginning of a lifelong relationship.  We want to be a part of your success in reaching your goals.  If you are successful, then so are we.  We will talk about what you feel is important for the future as well as what keeps you awake at night.  We will learn about your loves and your fears. 

From there, we will present various options and strive to understand your feelings about each of them.  We will point out the advantages of each one and make comparisons so you can make an educated decision.

Once the strategy has been decided upon, we will start a step-by-step plan and then we will walk you through it.  All the while, we will show caring and compassion.  We will stay with you through the course, and be by your side as it changes.  Whether it be changes brought about by job changes, marriages, divorces, births, death, or whatever life brings your way, we are there for you.  We are here for you for years to come. As the owner of Lovie Wealth Management and as a Christian I believe integrity is of the utmost importance, especially when handling our client's future. 

In addition, we offer seminars and workshops to provide ongoing education to help you ride the market swings should you be in the market or otherwise.  Monthly conference calls with the managers of the products we offer, allow me to share first-hand information so you will feel informed of the events and facts and you can make an educated decision.  I will share with you the ideas and concepts of forethought in regard to trends to come based on events past.  This allows you to be ahead of the game instead of following the crowd.  For more information and a video sampling of this, go to the link below for  IVY Infinite Loop  Be sure to check out all four videos for different sectors, "Global Rebalancing", "Raw Materials and Resources", "Innovation and Transformation" and my favorite, "Great American Companies".  Get to know Linda by watching this short video. If you'd like to watch a video on why you need a financial advisor click HERE.

Thanks for your time.